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Cod, Construction, and Communities

Workshop in Iceland, March 16–24, 2024

This week-long workshop will focus on the representation of fish and architecture, delving into how the behavior of cod and the urban landscape influenced and shaped one another between 1886 and 1945. It is part of the research project Fishing Architecture: The Ecological Continuum between Buildings and Fish Species, whose aim is to unravel the complex relationships between fishery landscapes and fish populations. Focusing on the fishing past of Ísafjörður and combining methods and knowledge from architecture and marine biology, the outputs will use mapping and cartography to highlight the relationship between cod and the built environment.

The workshop will start with a site visit, allowing participants to grasp Ísafjörður’s geography and oceanographic contexts. It will include insights into the local history and ecosystems and the biology and behavior of cod, with architecture functioning as a point of confluence between these multiple dimensions. The research will unfold in the local archive and library, providing documents and resources for further processing. The group will also go on an excursion to archeological sites and participate in discussions with marine scientists focusing on cod behavior. Work will be organized in four complementary groups: archival material, construction history, fish landing statistics, and cod behavior. The goal will be to construct a historical overview of Ísafjörður’s urban development and related cod populations. The workshop will culminate in a final presentation to the local community where the original maps and representations produced during the week will be discussed.

Ísafjörður, March 17–25, 2024

Organized by Fishing Architecture / Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto in collaboration with University Centre of the Westfjords