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Peixeirada at the Arroios Market

Flifa’23 in Lisbon

The Fish-A team will take part in a serious discussion. Who doesn’t appreciate the arguments put forth in a good fishmonger’s debate? On 30 September, in an event organized by Dafne Editora as part of Flifa’23, the book A Arquitectura do Bacalhau will be the subject of lively discussion at the market stalls. Authors André Tavares and Diego Inglez de Souza, together with biologists Cristina Nunes and Andreia Silva, will present the book among the stands of fresh, frozen, and cured fish at Lisbon’s Arroios Market, with spicy contributions from the fishmongers.

While the book highlights the relationships between marine ecosystems and the architecture along the Portuguese coast, in this encounter with the authors the main character will be the fish itself, as we take advantage of the market stalls to explore the insides of books and the physiology of animals.

Saturday, 30th September, 12pm

Peixeirada at Arroios Market.
Rua Ângela Pinto, 1900-221 Lisbon