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Ocean and Land, Partners in Crime

Interview with André Tavares, by Beatrice Leanza

Beatrice Leanza interviewed André Tavares, coordinator of the Fishing Architecture research group and curator of the exhibition O Mar É a Nossa Terra, on display at Garagem Sul / Centro Cultural de Belém until January 2020. During the conversation, Tavares explains the main hypotheses related to the research project and presents the various activities carried out at the University of Minho and in the Lisbon museums, such as the workshops at the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) that will start in October 2020. Click here to read the full interview.

We would like to build up a history of architecture not based on the respective countries and on their land policies but on the shifts and movements of the fish stock, on how species behave in the ocean, Tavares says over the interview to Leanza.

The workshops Architecture Follows Fish aim to understand the architectural phenomenon happening on the shore as the consequence of both the natural and the unnatural dynamics of the sea. It brings together architects, scholars, reporters, biologists, and authors who have dealt with a range of subjects relating to Fishing Architecture. These workshops are a collaboration between maat, CCB Garagem Sul, and the Fishing Architecture research group, and are an offshoot from the exhibition Our Land is the Sea: The Sensitive Construction of the Coastline.

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