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Open Call for Workshop Participation

Octopus Choreographies. Workshop in Ageiras, Portugal September 22–27, 2024

Join the Fishing Architecture research team for an immersive five-day workshop titled Octopus Choreographies, set in the vibrant fishing community of Angeiras. This unique event explores the intricate relationship between marine ecosystems, coastal architecture, and local fishing practices.

About the workshop

Angeiras is renowned for its characteristic stone houses and thriving fishing operations, which target various marine species such as pouting, seabass, shrimp, lobster, and octopus.

This workshop will focus on the lifecycle and capture of octopuses, providing participants with the opportunity to collect and analyze scientific and architectural data across three key areas:

The Sea: Understand the natural habitat of octopuses, their interaction with fishing gear, and how they are captured.

The Shore: Observe and document boat maneuvers, fishing gear, and how these interact with the coastal infrastructure.

The Market: Analyze the economic aspects of the fishing industry, focusing on the weight, commercial value, and market dynamics of the catches.

Participants will engage in field studies, data collection, ecological and species research, and creative documentation techniques, including drawing, to connect and interpret the findings.

The workshop aims to comprehensively portray the dynamic interactions between the octopuses, fisherfolk, and their environment.

The workshop runs under Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto continuous education program, and participants will be awarded 1 ECTS. Check out for more information.

Expected outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will have developed a detailed understanding of the local fishing processes and their broader implications. The collected data and created narratives will enhance our appreciation of the delicate balance between human activity and marine life.

Who can apply?

We welcome researchers, students, artists, and anyone interested in marine biology, geography, environmental science, anthropology, architecture, history and related fields. We encourage you to apply if you are eager to contribute to and learn from this interdisciplinary exploration.

Participants are expected to have a full-time commitment during the duration of the workshop (27 hours).

How to apply?

Please submit your application, including a brief statement of interest and background relevant to the workshop's themes, using the following link. Applications are open from 18 June to 8 July 2024.

Contact fish@arq.up.pt for more details on how to apply. We look forward to your participation in uncovering the unique choreographies of Angeiras marine and human populations.

Angeiras, Portugal September 22–27, 2024

Online Application

Organized by Fishing Architecture / Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto